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Pumps and parts both new surplus and used surplus, API, ANSI, centrifugal, diffuser, self primers, vertical turbines, submersible, plunger, metering, steam, piston, positive displacement, gear, screw.

 In stock: Afton pumps, Bingham pumps and parts, Byron Jackson pumps and parts, BJ pumps, Dean Brothers parts, Delaval screw pump parts, Flowserve , IMO screw pump parts, Durco pump parts, Goulds pumps and parts, I-R pump and parts, Ingersoll-Rand pumps and parts, Pacific pumps and parts, Pulsafeeder pump, Roper air operated diaphragm pump parts, United pumps and parts, Union pumps, Union pump parts, Union steam piston pump parts, Wilson Snyder pump parts, Sundyne pumps, Sundyne LMV 322 parts, Sundyne LMV 311 parts, Sundyne impellers , Sunflo pump, Sunflo pump parts, Tuthill pumps, Viking gear pumps and parts, Worthington pumps and parts, Worthington steam piston pump parts. Vertical turbine pump bowl assemblies. New surplus impellers. No Gaskets, O'Rings, Mechanical Seals.

     Partial List Of Pump Inventory:  

                                                                       Centrifugal Pumps

Afton, model ILVS , 4x6x13 vertical inline, Chrome A6NM case, nameplate data 750 gpm at 500' 

Bingham model CAP7 6x8x21B , S-4 material, API 7th edition, 1231 gpm @ 298', 1780 RPM, 2 each

Byron Jackson model DVMX 3x4x9D, 5 stage pump, 12 % chrome case (1),  cast iron case (2), 12% chrome rotor, double volute design, 534 gpm @ 1600', 

Goulds 3996, vertical inline 1 1/2 x 3 x 10 MT, 316SS, 8.37" impeller, mechanical seal, seal flush, NEW SURPLUS

Goulds, model 3196, model 3996, 316 SS impeller R76793, 076794,100-596,101-528,B10009, NEW SURPLUS

Goulds model 3700, size 2x4x7 parts, NEW SURPLUS

Goulds model 3171, size 1 1/2x2x8, parts, NEW SURPLUS

Ingersoll-Rand 3x8 DA, 5 stage, API S-6 material code, carbon steel case and 12% Chrome impellers, nameplate design 300 gpm @ 1483', 3560 rpm, ball bearings, John Crane seals, 600 lb & 900 lb flanges, mfg date 1998, running when removed from boiler feed water service, 2 each

Ingersoll-Rand 3x10 DA, 6 stage, API C-6 material code, 12% Chrome case, 12% Chrome impellers, John Crane 8B1 seals,  packaged units mounted on API bedplate, 350 HP U.S. Motor, API plan 11 (14) seal flush, bearing cooling API plan A70, 2 each. Will sell components separately.

Ingersoll-Rand 4x8 WN pump, 316 SS vertical inline, 500 gpm, 231', 7.75" impeller, mechanical seal, REBUILT

Ingersoll-Rand 12HLV, 316 stainless steel impellers only, trim 25 1/4", original design 5000 gpm @231', 1170 rpm, 3 each, may be modified for use in other pumps, NEW SURPLUS

Ingersoll-Rand 2x8 AN, 600 lb. flanges, 120gpm @ 285', 1200 psig hydro, high suction pressure applications.

Ingersoll-Rand 2 1/2 CNTA, 6 stage pump, cast iron case, bronze fitted, 1 each

Ingersoll-Rand 2 1/2 CNTA, 6 stage shaft, Part # 256CNTA10X19A, material 320-S00, mfg. Flowserve, New still in crate

Ingersoll-Rand HOC2, 4x3x10, 316SS, 600 gpm @ 450', 10.75" impeller, John Crane mechanical seal, seal flush, SN 885158, on base, NEW SURPLUS

Ingersoll-Rand , VOC , HOC, A-line, 8 ALV, 12 HLV, 4 RVL, 5 RVL, MCS, 1 CORVN, NEW SURPLUS OEM PARTS, no gaskets or o-rings

Ingersoll Dresser Pump 3 LLR 11, 2 stage, case & bearing housing, parts pump, NEW SURPLUS

Pacific, 2.5S, SVC, SVCMB, SVCTB volute pump case, carbon steel, top/top design, 2 1/2" x 6" 300# RF, part number S1621, NEW SURPLUS

Sundyne LMV311, 3x2 600 lb raised face flanges, S-6 material, 105 gpm @ 1465', 75HP 460/3/60 TEFC Reliance motor,  running when removed from service, SN 94415431

Sundyne LMV322, 3x2, 12% chrome, wet-end only, heat exchanger, 1 each, NEW SURPLUS

Sundyne Sunflo, Series P1000, 316SS wet end, model PL-AP8, 5 gpm @ 207' at 1800 rpm, 10 gpm @ 800' at 3660 rpm, Baldor 1.5 HP, TEFC, 1740 rpm, 208/230/460, 3 phase, frame 145 TD motor. NEW SURPLUS

Sundyne , LMV 311 gearbox, 200 HP, high thrust, 3550 rpm input, 9,000 rpm output, SN 31114532, Part GB01AC14G0K01ABC4CCA0, New Surplus

Sundstrand M-13 bearing monitor Kit, ITT model 130P4S62 adjustable pressure switch assembly 3092, New Surplus

Worthington D814, 650gpm @ 275', cast iron, mechanical seal, NEW SURPLUS

Worthington D1011 , size 3X1.5X10, Worthite 20 material, alloy 20, 9.9" impeller, 160 gpm @ 410', mechanical seal, REBUILT, new parts also available

Worthington D1011, Worthite 20 alloy pump cases and new parts


                                                                            Vertical Turbine Pumps

Afton, model GSV , vertical turbine, 316 stainless steel construction , 4.5" impellers, 110 gpm @ 270', NEW SURPLUS

Byron Jackson, model 100 VLT, cast iron, 2 stage, 50 gpm @ 100', NEW SURPLUS

Byron Jackson, model 100 VLT, size 11 MQ-H, 2 stage, 7" bronze impellers, cast iron bowls, NEW SURPLUS

Goulds model VIC, 8ILC, 3 stage vertical turbine, cast iron, 300gpm @ 300', NEW SURPLUS, new parts

Layne Bowler, model EDL 8, all bronze 3 stage bowl assembly, 275 gpm @ 270', NEW SURPLUS

Electric Submersible Pumps, 4" pumps wet ends,  heavy duty construction, built for coal bed methane service, stainless steel & monel internals, ni-resist case, flow from 5-40 gpm, head from 100'-1700', NEW SURPLUS,  1,000's of new spare parts

                                                                             Waste Water, Sump Pumps, Slurry Pumps

Hydromatic model S4QX, Waste Water Submersible Pumps, de-watering pumps, non-clog, mfg. date July 2005, 25HP, explosion proof, 230/3/60 , S.F. 1.2, RPM 1750, class H insulation, design B, code J, operating temp T4, only used for 30 days,  removed from service because they were over designed and replaced by smaller pumps, 2 each

                                                                               Screw Pump Parts

IMO, Delaval, 3 screw, A6DH-12, major repair kit with bronze housing S404GD, power rotor DSC312B, New Surplus, D3EHFS-143 major repair kit with bronze housing S5304, New Surplus, misc. new parts

                                                                               Gear Pumps

Roper, Model 3600RFBRV, NEW SURPLUS

Tuthill gear pumps, models, 1RACS-RH, 1RFD-1,1RCS, RHS, 4RC1FA-LHS, 6ACU-C-LHS fig 29, 4C1F-C, 2L35, NEW SURPLUS

Viking Gear Pumps, models , AK-4193, LL125, KK125RV, C32P, C432, H4125, H125RV  , NEW SURPLUS, 100's of new Viking spare parts

Viking Gear Reducer, Part 3-551-045-276BP, NEW SURPLUS

Viking Relief Valve, 3-79 5-502-000-18, Cat 72587813, NEW SURPLUS,

Worthington Gear Pumps, models 3GAFTM, 10 gpm @ 150 psi, 3GAUFTM, 10 gpm @ 150 psi , 2.5GR, 100 gpm @ 500 psi,  NEW SURPLUS & REBUILT, new 4GR pump parts.

                                                                              Plunger Pumps

Meyers CX20 plunger pump, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", ductile iron fluid end, 12.7 gpm @ 1000 psi, base with guard, spare crankshaft and fluid end also available, used

                                                                              Metering Pumps

Pulsafeeder, model 680, 680-S-E, metering pump, .065 gpm @ 100psi, on base plate, SN 9111695-2, NEW SURPLUS

LMI metering pump, model P-16HV, 4.5 gph @ 50 psi, 115 volt, SN 950111546, NEW SURPLUS

                                                                             Progressive Cavity Pumps

Moyno, model 2L4, type CDQ, rotor part # C-72041, stator part # C-4204, NEW SURPLUS

                                                                             AOD Pumps

ITT Marlo, 1 1/2" elastomer repair kit 4480810, NEW SURPLUS

Warren Rupp, Sandpiper EB2-A, valve seat 722-040-600, sleeve & spool set 031-040-000, check valve ball 050-018-600, spool valve body 095-051-551, NEW SURPLUS

Roper 1 1/2, Chamber assy. N70-232, repair kit N44-93, NEW SURPLUS




Mechanical seal heat exchangers, Harrison Model 212 200, Graham Heliflow 6341, model 8x4-10, SN 1764 1, shell 200 psi, tube 400, John Crane cyclone separator, 316SS, NEW SURPLUS 

John Crane, Lemco, Model RE-1603, mechanical seal fluid reservoir, 2 gallon, 450 psi @ 100 deg. F, -20 deg. F @ 450 psi, National Board Stamp 967, carbon steel with 316 stainless wetted parts, tube sight glass. New Surplus

Cameron Hydraulic Data Books, Ingersoll Rand 17th edition, Ingersoll-Dresser 18th edition, NEW $30.00 each includes domestic postage.

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